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Flagstaff is a city in northern Arizona that was founded in 1876 by miners and Native American scouts. The city’s name comes from a nearby mountain that was originally named “Wahalla” by the Hopi, but has since been renamed Humphreys Peak (after General Andrew A. Humphreys).

The area surrounding Flagstaff was first settled by Native Americans around 1,000 years ago. It was later discovered by Spanish explorers in 1540, who gave the area its name: “Flagstaff” comes from the Spanish word “flagra,” meaning “to break wind.”

In 1876, gold prospectors came to Flagstaff looking for mineral deposits, which they found on San Francisco Mountain just south of town. They established an encampment there called “San Francisco” and built a number of mineshafts on the hillside. One mine shaft was called “Deer Park Mine,” another was called “Pine Tree Mine,” and another was called “Silver King Mine.” These names are still used today as streets or landmarks in modern-day Flagstaff.

In 1882, a railroad spur line connecting Prescott with Phoenix reached Flagstaff and brought with it numerous settlers looking for work opportunities in this new territory.

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