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Fort Smith is a city in the western part of the U.S. state of Arkansas and is the county seat of Sebastian County. The city’s name is often shortened to simply “Fort Smith,” which is also featured on many signs welcoming travelers to the city.

The area was originally inhabited by Native Americans, who traded with other tribes in the area. The first white settlers came in 1817 when they purchased land from the Quapaw Indians and set up a trading post near the confluence of the Arkansas River and Poteau River.

Fort Smith was founded in 1817 as a military post by Major William Bradford, who served as its first commander. It was named after General Thomas Adams Smith, a hero during the War of 1812.

The town grew rapidly as river traffic and trade increased along the riverboats that traveled on it. In 1838, an extension of the Butterfield Overland Mail route through Fort Smith connected it with Memphis, Tennessee, making it a hub for commercial exchange between St. Louis, Missouri, and San Francisco, California.

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