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Siloam Springs is a city located in Benton County, Arkansas, United States. It is also referred to as “Siloam” or “Siloam Springs.” The population was estimated at 10,017 in 2016 by the US Census Bureau. Siloam Springs is home to the headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ and is known as the “Baptist Bible Belt” of Northwest Arkansas.

The city is named after a nearby healing spring believed to have miraculous powers. The town’s name comes from Isaiah 52:13-15, which refers to “the waters of Shiloah that flow softly.”

Siloam Springs was founded by members of the Church of Christ in 1883 as an intentional community based on their religious beliefs. They initially called it Mound Valley but changed the name when they learned about Shiloh, an ancient Hebrew city where King David had his capital city from 1015 BC until 975 BC; it was also where he met his end fighting Philistines in battle.

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