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Guilford, Connecticut, is a small town in Fairfield County with just over 2,000 people. It’s about 18 miles from Greenwich and 25 miles from New Haven. Guilford was founded in 1724 and named after the Earl of Guildford. The town has been host to many significant historical events, including Benedict Arnold’s raid on New Haven during the American Revolutionary War and the first meeting of the New Haven Colony Historical Society in 1842.

Guilford has several notable landmarks, including several historic homes and buildings dating back to the 1700s and an old church built in 1799. The Guilford Center Cemetery dates back to 1650 and is believed to be one of the oldest burial grounds in Connecticut. There are also several businesses located within Guilford’s borders that attract visitors from all over Fairfield County:

The Old York Tavern: This tavern was built in 1772 by Johnathan Lee and has been owned by three families since then (the Ellsworth family from 1781-1822; John Ledyard from 1822-1853; William Fuller from 1853-1867). Today it serves as a restaurant with live music every Friday night from 7-10 pm!

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