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Looking for cheap car rentals in Meriden, CT, look no further than We offer affordable rental vehicles for short-term and long-term use.

Whether you need a car for a day trip to the beach or for an extended family vacation, we have various options available. We have cars, trucks, and vans that are perfect for any occasion.

Our rental vehicles include:

  • Compact cars – These are great if you need to get around town. They are also suitable for driving in tight spaces like parking lots or garages.
  • Mini vans – If you need to transport more than four people at once or carry large items in your vehicle, these are great options! You can easily fit seven people inside one of our minivans, and they have plenty of space in the back so that you can haul luggage around without any issues!
  • SUVs – These are another great option if you need extra space! Our SUVs have enough room for up to 8 passengers and plenty of cargo room too! They’re perfect if you need something with more power so it can handle more weight on top of its weight (such as when pulling a trailer).

Meriden is a city in New Haven County, Connecticut. It is located on the Quinnipiac River, about 11 miles from New Haven. As of the 2010 census, Meriden had a population of 29,789. John Bishop and Joseph Hawley named the city after the village of Meriden in Warwickshire, England.

Meriden was originally a part of the town of Wallingford; however, in 1784, residents applied to have their separate society. In July 1784, they were granted their request by the Connecticut General Assembly and became the town of Meriden. By 1829, Meriden had six villages: South Meriden (now part of Meriden), Loomis (now part of Wallingford), Center (also known as Westmoreland), Thompsonville (now a neighborhood within East Hartford), Prospect Hill (now also known as East Meriden), and Clarke’s Corner (now also known as West Main Hill).

Over time, many industries moved into Meriden because they had access to water power from the Quinnipiac River. This included many textile mills and other manufacturing companies that used water power for production processes such as paper and gunpowder. After World War

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