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Cheap Car Rentals Milford is a car rental Company that has been serving the Milford, Connecticut, area since 2004. We have a large selection of vehicles to choose from, including:

  • Economy cars (both manual and automatic)
  • Compact cars (both manual and automatic)
  • Standard size cars (both manual and automatic)
  • Full-size luxury cars (both manual and automatic)

We offer many specials throughout the year, but during this time of year, we offer our customers a special discount on all economy cars. This discount will be good until December 31st. You can come to see us in person or call us anytime to book your rental today!

Milford, Connecticut, is a city of 31,000 people in New Haven County. It’s about three miles from its border with Stratford and about 10 miles from the coast.

The area was first settled in 1639, known as “Mystic Side.” In 1640, it was incorporated as a township called Milford. The town was initially named because it had been the site of a mill that had operated on the Housatonic River since 1639.

The town has a rich history of manufacturing textiles and other goods. For example, several gunpowder mills were located here during the American Revolution. The first paper mill in America was also built here in 1712 by Samuel Wyllys Jr., who later became governor of Connecticut.

In 1823, Milford became one of the first cities in Connecticut to have gas streetlights installed throughout its downtown area. These lights stand today at their original locations along Main Street and other parts of town!

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