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Waterbury, Connecticut, is a city in New England. It is situated in New Haven County and is part of the Greater Hartford area. Waterbury has a population of about 110,000 people.

The city was established during the 19th century and flourished during the Industrial Revolution. Waterbury was a major manufacturing center for many years and was famous for its brass-making industry. The city also became known for its role in the American Civil War when it served as a hospital for wounded soldiers from both sides.

Today, Waterbury is home to several monuments dedicated to these soldiers who fought during that war, and it is also known as an arts center because it hosts several festivals each year that feature theater productions and visual arts events such as shows featuring paintings by local artists or musical concerts by local bands who perform rock music genres like heavy metal songs which are played within an octave range between B2 and F#2 keys on a piano keyboard while playing chords on both hands together simultaneously with one hand holding down multiple notes while having all fingers pressed down onto black keys at once while having one hand playing chords simultaneously underneath those notes at once (or vice versa) while having both hands moving up toward higher

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