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Westbrook, Connecticut, is a small town with just under 3,000 people. The city is located within the larger Portland metropolitan area, with more than 100,000 residents across four cities. Westbrook is known for its beaches, among the most popular in New England.

The town was founded in 1648 by Thomas Westbrook, who was one of the first settlers on what would eventually become Westbrook’s land. It was initially called “Westbrook-on-the-Maine,” but later changed its name to “Westbrook.” The town increased as it became home to many Boston merchants who wanted to escape their city’s harsh winters and enjoy some time on the shoreline.

Today, Westbrook has an old-fashioned charm that many people find appealing. Many streets are lined with Victorian homes passed down through generations of families; these homes are often beautifully decorated with flowers and other greenery during the spring and summer when they’re open for tours or rental purposes.

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