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Wilton, Connecticut, is a small town in Fairfield County. The city has a population of approximately 16,000 people and is part of the greater New York City metropolitan area. It is named after Wilton Parish, located in Wiltshire, England.

The first settlers in Wilton were a group of Puritan families who arrived in the area in 1640. They originally came from Boston and settled on a large tract of land granted by the government to one of the settlers, John Bostwick. The town was incorporated in 1808 and was named after Wilton Parish in England because some of the settlers had come from that area.

In 1827, an artist named Thomas Cole moved to Wilton with his wife and children. He lived there until he died in 1848 and painted many landscapes from this period that are now considered masterpieces of American art history.

Wilton’s most famous resident was George Babcock Bartlett, who served as governor of Connecticut from 1881 until 1883. His name is still seen today on signs throughout town announcing things like “Bartlett Park” or “Bartlett Library.”

Today Wilton has many beautiful homes built during its heyday as an affluent suburb during

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