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FAQs About Car Rentals in Miami

In the Miami area, you can expect to pay approximately $3.5 per gallon for gas, which is higher than the state average of $3.4 per gallon.

The most popular car to hire in Miami is the Mercedes-Benz CLA, which makes up a staggering percentage of the entire fleet. The second most popular car to hire in Miami is the BMW X3, followed by the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Use your location or typing in an address to see auto rental companies near you in Miami. You can select a pick-up and drop-off location, or enter the airports code. Once you have your search results, you can filter the results to get only cheap car hire in Miami, car hire with unlimited mileage and cars with free pick up.

Economy car rental cost in Miami is around $55 per day, depending on the car and company. This includes only basic insurance. If you would like additional insurance, such as Full Damage Liability or collision damage waiver (CDW) or Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), this is an additional cost that varies from one provider to another.

Standard car rental rates in Miami vary by location. The price of an Economy car rental typically starts at $50 per day, while the price of a Standard car rental varies between $80 and $150 per day.

As a rule, it is recommended to use sedans, but if you want to go for a car of higher class (usually) you should go for something like an SUV. It is also important to consider which city of Miami you are driving in and how long distances you will cover every day. The most popular brands are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and Jaguar

The speed limit in Miami is 30 mph unless otherwise posted. The majority of posted speed limits are 30 mph popular areas like highways and roads and there are several variations to these limits – such as 40 mph in school zones. As you drive along city streets and residential neighborhoods, it is important to be aware of children and adults who may dart out into traffic without looking.

The best public parking garages are in the Brickell area, where you can find a parking spot and enjoy a convenient trip to the city center. There’s also a parking garage at the Ocean Fine Institute, where you can see a good daily exhibit of contemporary art. You might want to visit a couple of South Beach buildings like The Shore Club and The Setai Hotel & Residences, which offer valet parking services.

The average to rent a car in Miami is $36/day, but you could save as much as $65 by renting during an off-peak week.

The Mercedes Benz CLA car rental price in Miami starts from $64.65 per day. The minimum cost is $1139 and the maximum cost is $42740 for renting a Mercedes-Benz car for a week. The estimated price depends on the type of the car and pickup location.