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FAQs About Car Rentals in Kahului

The price of fuel in Kahului is $3.89 per gallon (at the time of this writing). An additional $0.31 cents per gallon is charged for taxes, and sales tax is included in the price.

The most popular car to hire in Kahului is the Mercedes Benz, it has not only a good price but is also very comfortable and easy to drive. The second most popular car to hire in Kahului is the Kia Sorento. Our customers love its reliability and comfort. The third most popular car to hire in Kahului is the Toyota Corolla. This is the most frequently requested rental car on, and due to its popularity, we also have the lowest rates for this model. The fourth most popular car to hire in Kahului is the Toyota Prius. It’s a hybrid vehicle for those wishing to lower their carbon footprint. It has good fuel efficiency and an affordable price tag.

Car hire near me in Kahului is easy with We offer the best selection of cars for any occasion and budget. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a business trip, we make finding your ideal rental car easy.

An Economy car rental can be rented for approximately $38.00/day based on our research of Kahului. Depending on the company you choose and your requirements, other factors may affect the price of your rental.

The average rental price for a Standard car rental in Kahului is $53.00. Standard cars are usually the smallest and cheapest models. They are ideal for those who only intend to use their rental car for a few days, as they are cheaper to rent than larger models. Standard cars also come in smaller engine sizes, which may be perfect for someone who is looking for an economical vehicle but does not want to sacrifice performance or safety.

If you are driving in Kahului and need a car, we recommend one that will be flexible enough to get around. The Mazda CX-5 is a great choice. This car is powerful, yet fuel efficient enough to help you save money on gas. A high safety rating means it is built well with strong materials, so you don’t have to worry about an accident.

The speed limit in Kahului is a maximum of 35 mph. While there are no traffic signs at this time, you can expect all roads in town to be posted with signs with their speed limits.

The best place to park in Kahului is the Kahului Airport. This is because the parking for this airport is owned and operated by the City and County of Maui. It has plenty of parking, security and other amenities.

Based on weekly rates and the current number of cars available, the cost to rent a car in Kahului for a week would be between $695 and $763.

The average price of a Mercedes Benz car rental in Kahului is $139 per day. The cheapest rate for this car is $90 per day. The most expensive rate for this car is $440 per day. Mercedes Benz vehicles are the cars which are available at the rental locations of Hawaiian Airlines. It is welcomed by those who want to drive on long drives and have trouble with their big luggage alternatives.