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Joliet, Illinois is a city in the United States that lies approximately 35 miles southwest of Chicago. It has a population of approximately 150,000 people.

Originally a town named Menard, Joliet was incorporated on February 28, 1852 as “Joliet City”. The name came from Jacques Marquette’s name for the Native American village at the mouth of the Des Plaines River (which he named “Ilinois”) and from Louis Joliet, who led an expedition that descended from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River by way of the Des Plaines River in 1673.

Joliet was established on land that had once been part of the Military Tract of 1812 and was originally owned by Jonathan Wheatley. Wheatley sold his land to John Hagan and James Kinkead for $1,250 in cash, plus 50 cents per acre for improvements made to it by Thomas Baleshore and his son William Baleshore. In addition to founding Joliet, they also platted Dixon’s Ferry (now Dixon) and Hennepin Island (now New Lenox).

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