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Cheap Car Rentals Lombard

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Lombard, Illinois is a city in DuPage County, Illinois. It is a suburb of Chicago. The population was 51,897 at the 2010 census. Lombard has been called “the heart of the Metro-East” because it is the largest community in the area, and it serves as the main center for business, education, and culture for the region’s residents. Cheap Car Rentals Moline

The town was founded by William B. Ogden and his associates, who laid out a plan of lots in 1849 and gave it the name “Lombard,” after the wife of one of their investors. However, Mrs. Lombard died before they could buy land to build homes on, so they changed course and decided to purchase acreage from Dr. John H. Kinzie instead. A small group settled in at what is now 59th Street and Wolf Road in 1852; these settlers were mostly farmers who worked their land as well as sold it off as residential lots to new settlers like themselves coming into town from other parts of Illinois (such as Chicago), Iowa or even further away states like Kentucky or Ohio). At its peak population during World War II when there were about 50,000 residents living here full-time

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