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Ottawa is a small city in the state of Illinois. It’s located along the Fox River and has a population of just over 25,000 people. The city has been around since 1835 when it was founded by George Dole and Henry Ogden. The two men wanted to create a new town that would be easier to travel to than Chicago, which at the time was still largely undeveloped.

The name “Ottawa” comes from an Indian word meaning “trader.” This makes sense because merchants were some of the first people who arrived in Ottawa when it was founded. They brought goods with them from all over the world, including China and Germany. Cheap Car Rentals Peoria

Today, Ottawa is a great place for tourists to visit because there are many things to do here! You can go fishing on Lake Michigan or take a walk through beautiful nature trails at Mill Creek County Park. You can also visit historic sites like Fort Dearborn (which was built by George Dole), Pine Point Cemetery (which houses lots of famous people), Old Courthouse Museum (where Abraham Lincoln once worked), and more!

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