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The city of Rockford is the most populous city in Illinois and the third most populous city in the state. It’s home to around 150,000 people, and it’s been growing steadily since 2000.

The first settlers in this area were Native Americans who lived near rivers and lakes. They hunted, fished, and grew corn and other crops until settlers arrived from Europe. The first European settlers were French fur traders who came from Canada in 1820 to trade with Native Americans. In 1832 there were about 25 families living here. They built homes along the riverbanks and named their settlement Rockford because of all the rocks lying around it!

In 1850 there were 1,000 residents living here who had mostly moved from nearby towns such as Belvidere or Freeport because they wanted more space for their farms (which were mostly cornfields).

In 1853 John Hamilton came to town with his family looking for a place where he could start a business making wagons and carriages out of wood instead of metal which was expensive at that time due to high tariffs on imported goods like steel tools or iron nails which would be used on wooden structures like barns or houses made out of logs instead.

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