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Hutchinson, Kansas is a mid-sized city in the state of Kansas. It lies in the Arkansas River Valley, and has been home to humans for over 10,000 years.

The city was founded in 1858 by William Hutchinson, who came to the valley from Missouri looking for land to settle. He was accompanied by his family and several other families from his hometown of Independence, Missouri.

Over the next few years, more settlers arrived from places like Illinois and Iowa, as well as from other parts of Kansas. They built homes along the river or near it and began farming the land around them.

In 1867, Hutch’s son Silas took over management of the town after his father died; he continued building up its infrastructure until he passed away five years later at age 58.

The next year saw two major events: firstly, Silas’ son John took over as mayor; secondly, a railroad company finally came through town with plans to build tracks connecting Hutchinson with Topeka (about 40 miles south) and Kansas City (300 miles away). The latter meant that goods could be shipped by rail instead of wagon train; this increased business opportunities greatly and made Hutchinson

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