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Winfield, Kansas is a city located in Cowley County. It is home to approximately 5,400 people and has an area of approximately 1.1 square miles.

The first settlers in Winfield were two brothers by the name of William and George Gifford who arrived from Ohio in 1858. They purchased land from John D. Hunter for $50 per acre and began building their own town which they named Winfield after their hometown of Winfield, Ohio.

Winfield was officially incorporated as a city in 1870 with a population of around 500 people. The city grew quickly over the next few years due to its proximity to Fort Riley which was established in 1863 during the Civil War. By 1880 Winfield had grown to include several businesses including hotels, banks, saloons and schools. It also featured a post office which had been established in 1866 under the name “Winfield City” before being renamed “Winfield” after it became incorporated as a town.

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