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Framingham, Massachusetts is a city located in the Greater Boston area of the United States. It is a part of MetroWest, a collection of 11 communities that surround and include the city.

Framingham was first settled in 1640 and was officially incorporated as a town on March 4th, 1650. The town was named after its founder, William Framingham, who was born in 1616 and arrived in America in 1630 as an indentured servant to a Puritan family from England. After working off his debt, Framingham decided to settle in New England with two brothers who were also indentured servants. He purchased land from the Native Americans and built a farm on what is now known as Elm Street.

In 1703, the town received its charter from the colonial legislature and became known as Framingham Village. A few years later it was granted additional territory which allowed them to form their own parish within Middlesex County. By 1750 there were about 1,000 residents living here; however most of them were farmers or craftsmen because there weren’t any jobs available for outsiders at that time due to a lack of industry or commerce within town limits (which lasted until 1834 when they built their first textile factory).

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