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Lowell, Massachusetts was founded in 1823 by Paul Moody and Francis Cabot Lowell. They purchased the land from the Concord Company, which had already been established there for a few years. The first settlers were mostly young women from rural New England who worked in the mills along the Merrimack River. At first, this manufacturing industry was primarily focused on cotton textiles. By the late 1800s, however, the city’s economy had shifted to include shoe production as well.

The city has gone through many periods of growth and decline over its 200-year history. In its early days, Lowell was known for its social activism and political involvement; it is where abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison formed his publication The Liberator (1831). Later on it became known for its cultural contributions—including writers Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) and Sylvia Plath (1932-1963) who both lived there briefly during their childhoods before moving away due to family issues related to mental illness (Kerouac’s mother suffered from schizophrenia while Plath’s father struggled with alcoholism).

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