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Royal Oak is a city in Oakland County, Michigan. It is a suburb of Detroit and a part of the Detroit Metropolitan Area. The population was 57,139 at the 2010 census.

Royal Oak was first surveyed in 1715 by French explorers and missionaries on their way to the Straits of Mackinac. The surveyors declared the oaks on the west side of the area majestic enough to name the settlement “Royal Oak”.

In 1818, Lewis Cass, governor of the Michigan Territory, purchased land near Royal Oak in hopes of starting a town that would serve as a trading post for settlers headed westward from Detroit. He named this new village “Sand Village,” but it was soon after renamed “Cass City” after Lewis Cass himself (the name “Royal Oak” had already been taken by another town). In 1823, Cass City was incorporated into Royal Oak Township.

In 1821, Robert Russell bought land along with his brother James and founded what would become Royal Oak Township’s first farm. The Russell Farm stretched across much of what is now downtown Royal Oak (including where City Hall now stands) and served as an early center for agriculture in the region until Russell’s death in 1831 at age 49.

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