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If you’re looking for a car rental company in Missouri, is here to meet your needs. We’ve got a wide selection of cars and trucks available for your next trip around town or out of state. We offer great deals on our rentals and make it easy to book your vehicle online or by phone. Our friendly staff members are standing by to answer any questions you have about our services.

We offer several different types of vehicles including sedans, convertibles, SUVs and luxury cars. We also have vans available for those who need extra room for their luggage or cargo. You’ll find some of the most popular models such as the Ford Mustang convertible or Ford Explorer SUV at our locations across Missouri including St Louis and Springfield.

Our selection includes both manual transmission vehicles as well as automatic transmission models so that no matter what type of driver you are we have something that will be perfect for you!

Missouri is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States and is one of the most populous states in the country. With a population of 6 million people, it ranks as the 18th most populous state. The state is bordered by Iowa to the north and east, Illinois to the east and Kentucky to the south, Arkansas to the west and Oklahoma to the west. Missouri’s capital is Jefferson City, with its largest city being St. Louis.

Missouri was named after the Missouri River, which was named after the indigenous Missouri Indians, a Siouan-speaking tribe that inhabited the area. The name “Missouri” has multiple meanings:

The word “Miss” is an English spelling of French word “mes” (masculine plural), meaning “my”, “our” or “mine”. It reflects proper usage as an adjective describing something associated with or owned by someone called “Mes”, as in Mesopotamia for example or Meskhetian Turks who are descendants of Turks expelled from Georgia during World War II.

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