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Brick is a town in Ocean County, New Jersey. It is the county seat of Ocean County and the only municipality with a population of over 100,000 in the county.

The New Jersey Legislature incorporated the town as a township on February 21, 1850, from portions of Dover Township. Parts of the township were taken to form Point Pleasant (April 14, 1855), Bayhead (March 24, 1887), Lakewood Township (April 6, 1889), and Toms River Township (March 23, 1891). On March 15, 1910, the area was reincorporated as the “Township of Brick” based on a referendum held two days earlier.[9][10] The township’s name derives from its founding industry—the production of molded bricks for use in construction.[11]

Brick was formed as a township in 1850 as part of New Jersey’s original group of 104 municipalities created by Sir Richard Stockton and John Coxe. It became part of the newly established Ocean County on February 19

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