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Bridgewater, New Jersey, is a Somerset County, New Jersey city. It is home to the headquarters of several major corporations, including Prudential Financial and Honeywell International. Bridgewater was named by Money magazine as “America’s Best Place to Live” in 2010.

Bridgewater was first settled in 1748 by Quakers seeking religious freedom from persecution. The settlement was named Raritan Landing after the river which ran through it. In 1773, the town was incorporated and renamed Bridgewater Township, after the English city of Bridgwater, where some settlers had lived before coming to America.

In 1869, Thomas Edison began his research laboratory nearby; this led to the development of many electrical innovations, including the light bulb and phonograph. In 1894, Edison organized his company as an unincorporated association called Edison General Electric Company of New Jersey; this company became known as General Electric in 1889 when it acquired another Company and became incorporated under New Jersey law. The city began to grow with the building of railroads and factories.

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