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Middletown, New Jersey, is a small town in New Jersey. It is the county seat of Monmouth County and has a population of about 40,000 people. The city was founded in 1675 by English settlers and was initially named Middletown Point.

Middletown is located on the west bank of the Delaware River and is one of the oldest towns in New Jersey. The city has many historical sites, such as the Old State House Museum and the Red Bank Battlefield Park. There are also several historic churches, such as Christ Church Episcopal Church and Trinity Episcopal Church which date back to 1739.

Middletown has many parks, including Lafayette Park, which features a statue of General Lafayette, who visited Middletown during his tour of America in 1824-25. The park also has an outdoor concert venue called The Grand Pavilion, which hosts concerts during the summer months on Tuesdays through Sundays from May through September each year (weather permitting).

In addition to its historic sites, Middletown has many other attractions, including the Monmouth Park Racetrack, which hosts horse races every Saturday or Sunday throughout most months of the year except during winter months when racing events are limited due to cold temperatures that make it dangerous for horses

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