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Montclair is the fourth-most-densely populated municipality in New Jersey and the most densely populated town in the state after Jersey City. It is a suburb of New York City located on the western side of Essex County.

The earliest known European settlement to exist within the present boundaries of Montclair was called Pahaquarry. It lived from 1697 to 1710 and consisted of only a few houses and a tavern along Spruce Street, which intersected with two Native American paths: one to Morris Plains and another to Saddle River (now Passaic). The tavern’s name was “Tappan’s House” or “Tappan’s Inn.”

In 1710, James Eells bought land from his brother Humphrey Eells around Pahaquarry Lake (which would eventually become Lake Lackawanna). He built a dam and a mill, which opened for business in 1719. The area became known as Wellsville. The portion of land that belonged to James Eells came to be known as the “Eellses’ Tract.” In 1798, John Rudolphus Booth purchased this tract of land from Andrew Eells for $1,200 in gold coinage. He built his home here and named it Tor.

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