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Roswell, New Mexico is a city in New Mexico. It is the county seat of Chaves County and has a population of 48,400 as of the 2010 census. The town’s name is said to come from the name of a local cattle rancher named J.F. “Daddy” Rowe, who owned land around the area.

The first settlement occurred in 1869 when John Chisum built a ranch house where he lived until 1874 when it was burned down during an Apache raid. The second settlement occurred in 1877 when Jesse Frank Freeman built a ranch house that still stands today as a museum on Main Street near the center of town. In 1879, a post office opened at this site with the name “Chisum”, but in 1880 it was renamed “Roswell” after Colonel William Lewis Roswell who served in the Civil War and helped to establish Fort Sumner. Cheap Car Rentals New York

In 1881, Roswell had 50 residents and by 1890 there were 100 residents living there; by 1900 this had grown to almost 1,000 people living there with two newspapers published weekly (one in English and another one in Spanish) as well as several churches including Baptist, Methodist Episcopal Church South

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