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Conshohocken is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. It is located directly on the Schuylkill River, which flows to the Delaware River. The borough was named after a Lenape chief who lived in the area.

The first inhabitants of Conshohocken were Native Americans and they lived there for thousands of years before Europeans arrived in North America. They were hunter-gathers who lived off the land and did not build permanent homes or villages. However, they did leave behind artifacts that can be found at archaeological sites today.

The first European settlers came to Conshohocken in 1682 when members of the Pennsylvania colony arrived with their families on a ship from England called The Welcome. They named the area “Conshohocken” after a Lenape chief who had lived nearby and was known as “Consoehowee”. Cheap Car Rentals Erie

When Philadelphia became the capital city of Pennsylvania in 1799, it attracted more people who wanted to live near it and therefore Conshohocken became more developed over time with new industries starting up such as mills along the Schuylkill River which provided jobs for many people including those who worked at an ironworks called Pioneer Iron Works which opened up nearby in 1822 when Samuel

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