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We offer a variety of vehicles for rent, including sedans, SUVs, minivans, and luxury cars. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or spacious, we have options for everyone! Our vehicles come with standard features such as air conditioning, power windows and locks, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports for charging devices on the go (including cell phones), and much more!

Our staff members are happy to help answer any questions you may have about our services or how they work; give us a call or send an email!

Beaufort is a coastal town on Port Royal Island in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina. The city has about 14,000 people and is known for its historic buildings and scenic waterfront.

The first English settlers arrived in Beaufort in 1670, and the area was initially called Port Royal. The name “Beaufort” comes from French explorer Jean Ribault, who named it after his friend, Captain Jean Francois de la Roque de Bellegarde.

In 1716, George I of Great Britain appointed Col. William Rhett as governor of South Carolina. He was permitted to settle on an island off the coast of Port Royal called “Port Royal Island” by King Charles II of England. This island eventually became known as Beaufort. Cheap Car Rentals Charleston

Since then, Beaufort has played a significant role in American history—from the Civil War to World War II—and today, it is still home to many historic sites, including Fort Sumter National Monument (the site where the first shots were fired in the Civil War), Historic St. Philip’s Church (the oldest church building still standing on its original foundation), and Seabrook Island (which served as an army base during World War II).

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The price of fuel in Beaufort is one of the most important factors that you should consider when driving in this area. Fuel is an essential part of any motorist’s life, and it can be hard to avoid spending money on it.

The average price per liter for fuel in Beaufort changes daily. The costs vary depending on what type of vehicle you drive: a small car or a big truck will use more fuel than a motorcycle or go-cart.

Before heading out on your road trip, check out our list below with the current averages for all types of vehicles so that you can get a good idea of how much money you’re likely going to spend on gas:

  • Small Cars (1 liter): $1.50
  • Large Trucks (50 liters): $5

Popularity is a measure of how many times a car has been rented by customers. The most popular vehicle to rent in Beaufort, South Carolina is the SUV. SUVs are popular because they offer spaciousness and safety, as well as power and off-road capabilities.

When you’re looking for car hire companies near you, there are a few ways to do so. It all depends on what your preferences are and how much time you have on your hands.

You can use the map option: This is a great way to find the car hire companies as it allows you to see at once where they are located and which ones are closest in proximity. Just enter your postcode and look through what’s available!

Beaufort is a small town, so it is not too expensive to rent a car. The price of renting an Economy car rental in Beaufort starts at $10 per day. There are many rental companies in Beaufort and you can find different types of vehicles for your convenience. However, the price of a rental car depends on the type of vehicle that you want to rent and how long you plan on using it for your trip.

If you rent from Budget or Enterprise, the average price for an Economy vehicle starts around $30 per day without any insurance coverage included in this cost (insurance may be added at checkout). If these prices seem high for your budget then consider using Hertz as they offer discounts for active military members and veterans as well as senior citizens over 65 years old who qualify with proof of age identification on hand when picking up their vehicle from one of their locations – this discount usually ranges between 10% off all rates offered by local competitors (which means savings upwards into hundreds off base rates) along with reduced mileage limitations imposed upon us by our insurance providers due both factors combined allow us greater flexibility when dealing with client’s individual needs which translates into greater overall satisfaction among those who choose to use our services.”

In Beaufort, the average price of a Standard car rental is $69.48 per day. The average price of a Compact car rental in Beaufort is $63.83 per day.

The most popular make of car to rent in Beaufort is Ford and their most common vehicle size is Intermediate (slightly larger than Compact). The most popular model name and model size are Focus 2WD 4dr Sedan, which costs an average of $84.74 per day in Beaufort.

To rent a car in Beaufort, you have to consider what type of car is recommended for driving in Beaufort.

Beaufort has many different road types and landscapes that require vehicles with varying capabilities. Cars like the Jeep Cherokee are ideal for off-roading on gravel roads or even dunes, whereas a compact car like the Honda Fit is ideal for urban driving and parking due to its size.

The speed limit in Beaufort is set by the state of South Carolina. Generally, speed limits are set between 50 and 70 mph. However, there are times when a driver will see speeds drop to 30 or 40 mph as they approach school zones or bridges. The default assumption is that every road has a default speed limit of 55 mph in South Carolina.

One of the best places to park in Beaufort is the Visitors Center. It’s easy to get to and it’s cheap. The cost will be around $10 per night, which includes all taxes. This parking lot is right downtown and convenient for visiting shops and restaurants on Bay Street.

If you are just picking up or dropping off someone at the airport, then there are several options available to you here as well:

  • Beaufort Regional Airport Parking – There are two choices here: valet parking or self-parking (also known as remote parking). The cost for each option varies based on how long you need it; both options cost about $30 per day (including tax). If you opt for valet service, then your car will be waiting for you when you return from your trip; if not, then keep track of where it is parked so that someone else doesn’t take it by mistake!

To find out how much you’ll pay to rent a car in Beaufort for a week, you’ll need to know the type of car and the length of your rental. The longer you rent, the cheaper it gets per day; if you rent for less than seven days, it will be more expensive per day than if you were renting for seven or more days. And while there are plenty of good choices on our website that will save money in terms of their fuel efficiency and safety features — such as our compact economy cars — those who want luxury may want to consider our full-size sedans or SUVs with higher trim levels. If these options don’t suit your needs or budget, we also offer luxury cars like Aston Martins at competitive prices!

There are a few reasons why rental cars may be more expensive in Beaufort:

  • First and foremost, there is the cost of maintenance. The rental car companies have to pay for the maintenance of their cars, which can often be pricey. They need to hire mechanics, pay them a salary and cover other expenses such as gasoline.
  • Fuel prices are also higher in Beaufort than in other cities like Boston or New York City.
  • Next up is the fact that there is high demand for rental cars because of where it’s located geographically near some great vacation destinations like Hilton Head or Savannah. This means that demand will always exceed supply when it comes to renting out your car for short periods (such as moving).

Finally, we come full circle back around with taxes; since South Carolina has some pretty high taxes on goods and services (including rental vehicles), naturally they’re going to charge more per night/weekend/etcetera than other states would charge if they were doing this same thing!

Yes, you can book now and pay later for your car rental in Beaufort. This is called a “pay at the counter” reservation and it’s very common with car rentals.

The car rental company will send you a confirmation email with your reservation details, including pickup and drop-off locations, contact information for your reservation representative, estimated pick-up time, vehicle options that are available on the date of travel, etc. You will also have to show valid photo identification at the time of pickup along with your credit card used to make the reservation.

If needed, you can cancel this reservation up to 24 hours before it expires without penalty or cost – just call customer service directly or log into their website using your booking reference number and other personal information such as name and address (including zip code).

If you have to cancel your Beaufort car reservation, it’s important to understand the cancellation policy of the rental company. If you need to cancel after making a reservation and paying for it, be sure to do so within the time frame specified by your rental company. If you contact them directly or use their app or website, they may be able to help. Otherwise, we can send an inquiry on your behalf.

After reading this article on how to rent cars in Beaufort, SC through, you should be ready for an easy car rental experience!

  • Beaufort is a small city and the car rental agencies are all located within walking distance of each other, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.
  • Make sure that you check the condition of the car before leaving the rental agency.  Make sure there aren’t any scratches or dents on it, or if there are, ask them to fix them before you leave.  If they won’t fix it for free, then negotiate with them to lower your bill.
  • When driving in Beaufort make sure you have a full tank of fuel at all times. Rental companies charge more for extra fuel than they do for regular maintenance costs (like oil changes). They also charge extra fees if they have to refuel your vehicle while delivering it back to them afterward – which will most likely happen if your tank was low when returning it!