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Travelers Rest, South Carolina, is a beautiful place to visit. The area has a lot of great places to see and things to do. If you are planning on visiting Travelers Rest and need a car rental, can help! is a family-owned business serving the Travelers Rest area for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of cars, including luxury, sports, sedans, and SUVs, at affordable rates. Our goal at is to make renting your next vehicle as easy as possible while providing excellent customer service. We want our customers to feel comfortable when they rent with us, and we will do everything in our power to meet their needs, whether choosing the right vehicle or giving them directions around town!

We take pride in offering our customers great deals on rental cars in the Travelers Rest area. We are always looking for ways to save money for our clients, so if there is ever an opportunity for us to save money on gas or insurance costs, then we make sure those savings end up being passed along directly back into your pocket! You won’t find any hidden fees or extra charges here either because we believe in keeping things simple when it comes down
Travelers Rest is a small town in South Carolina with a population of about 3,000 people. It is best known for being where Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence.

The town was founded in 1780 by John Dunbar, who named it after his home in Scotland. The first settlers were primarily Scottish immigrants who worked as cattle breeders and farmers. At first, the settlement was called Dunbar’s Station, but later it was changed to Travelers Rest after a famous inn near the headwaters of the Catawba River. 

The town has an abundance of natural resources: its location in the Blue Ridge Mountains makes it possible to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables year-round; its proximity to rivers provides fresh water; its forests provide wood for construction, and its climate allows for farming without using pesticides or fertilizers.

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Fuel prices in Travelers Rest vary depending on the season. During the summer, the demand for fuel typically increases, and thus so does the price. The opposite happens during winter months when demand is low due to fewer people traveling outside their homes.

Fuel prices will also be higher in large cities than they are in smaller ones due to more competition between gas stations, which leads to lower costs for consumers (and therefore lower profits). In addition, rural areas tend to have higher fuel costs compared with urban areas because of a lack of competition there; there may only be one station selling gasoline within miles of these communities

The Ford Mustang is the most popular car to hire in Travelers Rest, but if you’re looking for a more compact or economical choice, then the Ford Focus or Fiesta might suit your needs better. The Escape and Transit Connect are also available with 7 seats but will cost more than those cars listed above.

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular choices for travelers looking for something slightly larger than a compact car. It’s powered by either a 140-horsepower 1.8L turbocharged engine or an optional 180-horsepower 2.0L turbocharged engine that produces 201 lb-ft of torque! This car is perfect if you want something fun, yet practical while driving around Travelers Rest!

If you’re planning on taking long road trips this summer vacation with family members or friends then I recommend renting either a Chevy Cruze or Nissan Altima because both vehicles offer plenty of cargo space as well as great fuel economy while driving around South Carolina’s beautiful countryside (trust me when I say there’s plenty here!).

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Once you’ve selected your rental location and vehicle type, you’ll be able to filter your results by price range or specific amenities.

Because our inventory is always changing, we recommend checking availability through our calendar tool before booking.

The average cost of an economy car rental in Travelers Rest is $30/day. The average weekly cost of an economy car rental in Travelers Rest is $300. The average monthly cost of an economy car rental in Travelers Rest is $1800.

This data was gathered from various online sources, including individual vehicle owner websites and online booking sites such as or, which have been known to provide accurate information on this topic.

When you’re booking a car rental, one of the first questions you’ll want to answer is how much it will cost. The price for your Standard car rental starts at $20 per day and goes up from there, depending on the vehicle you choose and the length of time you need it for. The weekly rate usually brings down your daily rate by quite a bit, so if you know that your stay can stretch into weeks or months, this option might be the most economical.

The price of your Standard car rental in Travelers Rest can vary depending on which type of vehicle you want to rent—we have sedans, SUVs, minivans, and more!—and how long it’s going to be parked on our lot (but not used). In addition to those variables, some other things may affect the final price: whether or not there are different options available at nearby locations; what kind of fuel policy is being offered with this particular rental; any special offers being offered by us right now; etcetera.

If you are driving a small car in Travelers Rest, you may be surprised at the number of people who will drive around you. Some drivers might even get angry with you and honk their horns. It is an impure vehicle that must have room to accommodate any passengers or cargo that you have with you, but it’s also important that it isn’t so big that other vehicles feel threatened by it. If someone does not want to share the road with your car because they feel intimidated by its size or because they think it looks unsafe (even if it is), then there isn’t mu for them to do other than pass on their way down the road. This can lead to accidents and delays in traffic flow if there are many cars involved in these situations each day on the roads near where you live or work.

When looking at safety features within rental vehicles available through companies like ours here at [company name], one should consider how well those features work together before making their final decision about which company will provide them with transportation services during their stay in Travelers Rest.”

The speed limit in Travelers Rest is 35mph. It’s enforced by speed cameras around the city, so be sure to watch your speed!

The best place to park in Travelers Rest is at the airport. The Travelers Rest Municipal Airport (TRA) has a parking lot that’s open 24/7 and costs $2 per day. When you’re driving into town, it’s easy to spot: look for signs directing drivers to park and take Exit 41 off Interstate 26. There are also plenty of spots available in other parts of the city. If you’re staying near Main Street or another popular area, there are plenty of garages nearby where you can park your car for as little as $5 per night (or more). Finally, if you’re planning on spending most of your time near downtown and want something with more space than a garage offers but don’t want to pay too much either, consider using one of these parking lots instead!

Renting a car in Travelers Rest is simple. You can rent a vehicle for as little as one day, or you can opt for the full month. The more time you rent it, the less per day it’s likely to cost you. For example, if you rent a car for 30 days at $200/day, your total will add up to $6,000—which works out to $200/day! However, if you only rented it for one week at $350/week (16 days), your total would be just over $4k—or about $225/day—meaning that by renting longer than 16 days, your daily rate goes down significantly.

The most expensive dates for rentals are Saturdays and Sundays because these are peak travel weekends with lots of people on the road getting from point A to point B. Mondays through Thursdays have lower demand so they tend not only to be cheaper but also easier on traffic patterns throughout Travelers Rest and surrounding areas like Easley SC

If you’re planning a trip to Travelers Rest, SC, and are trying to decide what kind of transportation option is right for you, consider that renting a car is one of the most affordable ways to get around. Car rentals have become more expensive over time due to rising costs at rental companies, but there are still ways to save money on your rental car.

  • Insurance – The first thing many people look at when they book their rental car is the cost of insurance, which can add significantly to the overall price tag if not planned ahead of time. If possible, ask about whether or not your personal auto insurance covers rentals to avoid paying for two separate policies during your trip.
  • Mileage – Many travelers underestimate how much mileage they’ll travel during their vacation because they don’t plan or stick closely enough with their itinerary once there–and this can lead them to be hit with unexpected charges once back home! Make sure you know where exactly everything you’ll be visiting before booking your rental so there won’t be any surprises later on!

Yes. You can book your car rental now and pay later with one of our partner credit card processors. It’s an easy way to book your car rental, as you can pay the final amount due at the time of pickup. However, you will need to pay a deposit at the time of booking to secure your reservation.

If you need to cancel your rental, please contact us at 1-844-902-5060. A $100 cancellation fee will be charged if the car is not picked up or returned as scheduled. Alternatively, you may upgrade or downgrade your reservation without penalty. In this case, the rate difference will be charged on a pro-rata basis for any unused days.

The best way to ensure a good car rental experience is to choose a reputable company. The best companies have a reputation for quality, reliability, and service. A large number of satisfied customers is an indication that you will also be satisfied with their services.

Look at the cost of renting your vehicle. There are many factors affecting the price you pay when renting a car, including:

  • The size of the vehicle
  • Whether you want an automatic or manual transmission
  • Your choice of extras such as child seats or satellite navigation systems