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Alcoa, Tennessee is a city in the state of Tennessee. It is part of the Knoxville Metropolitan Area and had a population of about 37,000 in 2000.

Alcoa was founded in 1886 as a company town by the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). The company’s founder, Charles Martin Hall, discovered how to produce aluminum in 1886 while working at his father’s farmhouse laboratory in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Alcoa then began construction on its first smelting plant in 1888.

The town was named after Alcoa’s first plant, which was built on land owned by John J. Oliver, who gave it the name “Oliver” when it opened in 1888. The company later renamed itself Alcoa Incorporated and moved many of its operations to New York City, but the city continued to grow because of its proximity to Knoxville.

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