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Laredo is a city in the South Texas border area. It has a population of 250,000 people. It is situated on the Rio Grande, which forms part of the US-Mexico border.

Laredo was founded by Spanish settlers in 1755, but it wasn’t until 1848 that it became a major port and trading center. In 1846, during the Mexican War of Independence, Laredo was attacked by American forces but quickly recovered and rebuilt after the war ended in 1848.

In 1906, Laredo was incorporated into a city; it had previously been just a town. In 1907, its first bridge across the Rio Grande was built—the “Old Free Bridge.” This bridge lasted for decades until it was replaced by a newer one in 1970. The new bridge was named after Juan Seguin (1793-1837), who was born in Laredo and fought in Texas’ independence struggles against Mexico. Cheap Car Rentals Mcallen

Today, Laredo has an international airport located about 10 miles outside of town; it serves as an important transportation hub for southern Texas and northern Mexico.

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