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Our company offers car rental services in Ogden, Utah.

We can help you get the car that’s right for your needs and budget. We carry a wide range of models from several different brands, and we can also provide vehicles from other companies as well.

We’re located close to the airport and have an easy-to-find location on State Street. We offer convenient hours of service, including 24/7 access for emergency situations. Our friendly staff will help you find the best car for your needs and make sure it’s ready when you arrive at our location.

We offer great prices on all types of vehicles, including luxury cars, minivans, SUVs, pickups, hybrids and electric cars. If you need extra equipment such as GPS or child seats then those can be added to your rental at no extra cost!

Ogden, Utah is a city located in Weber County, Utah. It is the county seat of Weber County and is one of 39 cities in Utah. It was named after 19th century American leader William A. Ogden.

Ogden is home to Weber State University and the main campus of Utah Valley University. It is also home to several major financial institutions including Standard Insurance Company and First Security Corporation (which includes Bank of American Fork).

The city has many historic buildings dating from its early days as a railroad town, including the Ogden Union Station built in 1896. The station has been used by Amtrak since 1971 but no longer serves trains on the re-opened route through Ogden because of security concerns about potential terrorist attacks against passenger trains in large cities such as New York City and Chicago.

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