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Alexandria, Virginia is a city in the U.S. state of Virginia. It is the county seat of Alexandria County, and lies along the western bank of the Potomac River, south of Washington, D.C. The city’s history spans from 1815 to present day.

The City of Alexandria is named after Queen Alexandra of Denmark, who in 1786 married King George III. The town of Alexandria was founded in 1749 by George Washington’s adopted son, John Parke Custis and named for his wife, Martha Custis, who was not fond of the name “Martha’s Delight” that had been given to the site by its first owner, Philip Alexander.

In 1861, Alexandria became a major supply center for Union forces during the Civil War when it became known as “the First Arsenal.” During this time it also served as an important port to transport supplies upriver to Washington and Harpers Ferry.[3]

In 1863, Alexandria was taken over by Union forces during General Winfield Scott Hancock’s raid on Richmond from Fort Monroe[4]. During this time it served as a recruiting station for soldiers who were being sent northward for training at Fort Ward in Georgetown (now part of D.C.)

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