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Pullman is a city in the state of Washington. It is located in southeastern Washington, on the western edge of the Palouse region. The population was 23,739 at the 2010 census.

The city is named after industrialist George Pullman, who founded Pullman as a company town for his railroad sleeping cars manufactured here. It contains a historic district that includes many Victorian buildings built by Pullman’s company and houses owned by Pullman employees.

In 1867, the Northern Pacific Railroad reached this area and soon established a stop called Horseshoe Station. It was renamed Concord by James Tilton, who also became its first postmaster on February 22, 1868. The first school in Concord was built in 1871 and was known as “The Little Red Schoolhouse” because of its brick construction with red mortar from nearby clay deposits. In 1872, Concord became the county seat of Whitman County as well as the site for one of two state normal schools (teachers’ colleges) to be established under the Northwest Act of 1869, which provided for public education across Washington Territory; it remained so until 1890 when it moved to Cheney (now Eastern Washington University).

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